Pastoral Care Council
of the ACT inc.


Kevin Teo
(02) 6272 6205
Postal Pastoral Care Council
of the ACT
c/o Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies
15 Blackall St.
Barton ACT 2600
of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory)CONSTITUTION

Mission Statement To seek the provision of pastoral care, at accredited standards, in various institutional and community facilities in the ACT.

The Pastoral Care Council of the ACT is a peak body that represents a cross-section of the pastoral care providers. It includes representation from religious and spiritual orginisations and pastoral carers, together with representation from bodies concerned with pastoral care, and appropriate representation by ACT government.


Pastoral Care Practioners: Persons who provide pastoral care to individuals or groups.

Pastoral Care Providers: Organisations responsible for provision of pastoral care.

Organisational membership of the Council are categorized as:

Category A Religious and spiritual organisations.
Category B Organisations providing pastoral care or with concern for pastoral care, and ACT government agencies or departments.
(This includes organisations that may be sponsored by religious organisations already represented on the council.)


The Board for The Pastoral Care Council of the ACT is appointed by the Council. The Council normally meets twice a year to advise the Board on its policy.

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